Today, despite the ubiquity of screens and smart devices, classical wristwatches are still produced and worn. A luxury timepiece, such as stuhrling watch is a status symbol, reflecting its owner’s success and professional achievements. But did you know your watch needs special care?  

These tips apply to any watch, but every model comes with its own set of guidelines from the watchmaker. Be sure to study and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, which may be found in the manual or online. 

1. Regular servicing is a must

Never neglect the significance of professional care. To keep your wristwatch in shape, make sure it gets serviced every three to five years. This way, a real expert will spot and eliminate any negative changes that could affect the lifespan on the device. 

2. Know the right way to store

Whenever you take the watch off, do not put it away in the first location you think of. It needs to be stored in a place that is free of moisture and heat. The perfect storage place is the original box in which you purchased it.

3. Take care of leather straps

This is the part of the watch that is easily affected by moisture. The appearance of a strap made of genuine or faux leather will be ruined. Do not allow any contact with grease, perfume, or water. This way, you ensure the material stays soft for years to come.

4. Daily winding

This applies to mechanical watches. Make sure it is wound every day, even if not worn. Leaving the timepiece unwound will cause its gears to stiffen, which translates into overall deterioration. However, do not overdo it. As soon as you feel resistance, stop the process. This will ensure the movements stay intact.

5. Regular use

The more it is worn, the better the condition. This may sound surprising and even wrong, but it is the reality. Regular wear helps to keep any watch in shape. High-quality models are simply made to be worn, and your wrist is the best and most natural place for them.

6. Toothbrush for cleaning

Follow strict rules. Never put a timepiece in warm water, regardless of its properties. Even waterproof models should only be cleaned with the help of a toothbrush and a little water. 

7. Know when to set the date

This is perhaps one of the least known rules. Avoid doing it between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. (as indicated on the watch). Otherwise, there is a danger of messing up the mechanics and causing a lot of damage to the wristwatch. 

8. Take extra care

Whenever you tackle a strenuous physical task, such as sawing wood or playing soccer, remove the timepiece to prevent damage. In situations like these, it may be irreparable.

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