The liquor cart is making a comeback. International hotels present vintage models and the idea of ​​having one at home is not that complicated to make. Here is everything you need to know to get started. And dare to start your cocktail parties at home.
A bar corner can transform both the appearance of your living room and the way you receive it at home in a very simple and immediate way. Even if you don’t drink habitually (which makes you health-conscious) having everything you need to prepare a good drink is essential in order to offer your guests a cocktail made in a workmanlike manner. Every “adult” house should have a corner bar: whether you are an expert or a beginner, offering a cocktail party is a way to receive in style.

I started to get excited about mixology when I was about thirty years old. It is not difficult to start, and setting up a bar area can be fun because it involves a part of researching, selecting and buying very beautiful objects.

Tray, trolley, or bar cabinet?
The good news is that you don’t need to have as much space to equip yourself well – although obviously being able to dedicate a corner of the house helps. At the moment I am in the basic state, and I keep the liqueurs in a large silver tray on the low table in the living room. Of course, having a mobile bar would be great, but there is not really space in our house, so I am orienting myself in choosing a trolley, which I consider the easiest solution for those who live in a medium-sized apartment. The difference is both aesthetic, of course, and practical. The trolley allows you to keep glasses, liqueurs, bartender equipment, and also a good book with the recipes of your favorite cocktails.

As for the models, I’m still looking for what I like. For now, the idea is a cart like the one you see in the photograph that I chose for this post (and which, however, is on sale only in the United States, according to my research, so I will have to find something similar). I like the idea of ​​the trolley because I find it trendy, but also because it is a piece of furniture that can furnish a corner with great elegance, becoming a practical foothold for mixing a drink when it is needed, from alone or with friends.

If you don’t have a trolley and you want to start, you could opt to use a console or the top of a nice chest of drawers as a support and a small bar. Instead of the classic doily or the fabric runner (it’s not really modern) put a nice tray, in wood or in silver, with the bottles inside. In another, you will keep the glasses. A lamp or a plant will complete the decoration of the space, while the smaller objects will go into a drawer. Easy, practical, and elegant.

How to organize the liquor cart
The rule I recommend to observe is not to overload the trolley: it is not necessary to have twenty different types of liqueur, at least not in sight. You can keep what you useless in the pantry so that the trolley is pleasant, tidy, and decorative to the eye. Yes to a few selected bottles, to a set of 8-piece glasses (when you have more guests, you will rearrange the trolley for the occasion) and to one or two shakers with a nice line, visible together with a jigger and a strainer. The other objects, which are smaller, can be arranged in a container, or on a shelf if the trolley is equipped with it.

How many spirits do a good home bar have to be? And what are the must-haves to have to undertake the art of mixology?

As for liqueurs, we start with a choice of 5 – 7 different bottles, to get wherever you want, literally. I went to a jazz bar in Cognac which offered 372 different types of cognac to its customers. Just to give you an idea of ​​how difficult it is to give an indication.

As for me, I always like to have at home:
1 bottle of gin, 1 good whiskey, 1 good cognac s.v.o.p., 1 bottle of rum, 1 bottle of vermouth, 1 bottle of vodka, 1 bottle of digestive, 1 or 2 bitters, to create cocktails, tonic water, ginger beer, a few bottles of soft drink, ice for a drink in the freezer

For decorations instead, you will need:
lime, lemon, orange, mint, olives, other aromatic herbs

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