With air purifiers, it can significantly improve the quality of air in the home and office
Definition: The air purifier, also called air purifier, is an appliance for indoor environments, home, office, suitable for filtering and cleaning the air or for eliminating germs and bacteria responsible for diseases.
Daily breathing healthy with the Ozner professional air purifier from Biosalus, let’s get to know him:
On average, breathing is an action that takes place between 12 and 20 times per minute. About 960 times an hour, well over 23,000 times a day. We are not aware of it, however. It is the act of breathing: one of the simplest and most normal things in the world.

Breathing is an unconscious gesture, most of the time, which is incredibly important for all the vital functions of our body. We notice it, for example, when we are at the seaside or in the mountains.

Thanks to the combination of light, iodine, sodium, and water, breathing in the sea makes us feel deeply regenerated. At sea, circulation improves, swellings disappear and the body becomes more toned.

Mountain air is also good for our body, due to the greater amount of oxygen that stimulates our immune system and causes our heart to pump more blood and produce more red blood cells.

When we breathe pure air, our metabolism accelerates, because in it there is a greater quantity of negative ions which increase the flow of oxygen to the brain making us feel more awake and more lucid.

What do we mean when we talk about domestic pollution?
To breathe pure air we cannot always wait to go to the sea or to the mountains, however. That’s why purifying the air in the home and in the workplace is essential to take care of us and our lung well-being every day.

Because of the presence of fine dust, smoke, and other harmful substances, in fact, closed spaces could be more dangerous than external environments, which is why we often speak of indoor pollution, caused by the presence of physical, chemical, and biological contaminants.

But how can it be that we must consider our homes as polluted environments? Our environments are made dangerous by the quality of the building materials, the furnishings, the smells generated by cooking food, detergents, soaps, perfumes, pets, dust, and so on.

Already the union of all these factors determines a result that is certainly not healthy, but what can make the situation even more worrying is poor ventilation and inadequate or impossible air exchange.

In closed environments, without proper recycling or efficient purification, it can happen that the air is filled with substances potentially dangerous for our well-being. At work, for example, we think of all the office material such as the powders of printer and copier toners, the smells of glues and adhesives, the inks of markers, and markers.

But the most dangerous enemy of our health is certainly the particulate matter, so small that it is almost invisible and that it can be difficult to remove completely.

Why choose a Biosalus Ozner home or office air purifier
Every day we introduce up to 9000 liters of air into our body and spend 90% of the time indoors (home, office, school, gym, etc.), therefore it is necessary to pay particular attention to the quality of the air in these environments since it is evident that it represents a principle of fundamental importance for our health.

Numerous models of air purifiers are organized on the market, with more or less contained costs and with different functions: humidification, perfume, or other.

So why choose an Ozner Biosalus professional air purifier? Ozner guarantees air purification not only from harmful substances (such as the very dangerous PM2.5, PM0.3 particulates, formaldehyde or benzene) but also from biological material such as bacteria and pollen up to 99.5%. It is ideal for allergic and potentially vulnerable individuals such as pregnant women, and children, for families with pets, or where there are smokers.

Its 360 ° circular filtration system foresees an increase of about 80% of the filtration surface compared to a traditional filter. The exterior is equipped with a three-layer filter: the first, antibacterial, eliminate dust, pollen, and bacteria particles; the second reduces the fine dust PM0.3 and PM2.5 by a percentage equal to 99.5%; the third retains harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, and other harmful chemical gases.

Equipped with an efficient electric motor and a characteristic pagoda shape, Ozner manages to purify an area of ​​54 square meters in just 12 minutes.

The Ozner purifier is able to adapt perfectly to the design of each home and communicate with the user through an LED light that changes color according to the quality of the environment in the environment.

The professional Ozner purifier can also be managed remotely thanks to a practical telephone App to operate comfortably before returning to the house or set the shutdown immediately after going to sleep.

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