Many young mothers begin to worry about their shape after childbirth. The motives for losing weight can be different: you want to feel more mobile and cheerful or just fit into your old jeans. Let’s talk about when you can start doing sports and why it is essential not only for the body of a young mother.

Why is postpartum physical activity especially important?

After childbirth, a woman needs to strengthen the muscular skeleton, since the main abdominal muscles are stretched and could split along the midline. This is considered the norm during pregnancy but you need to restore the strength and elasticity of the muscles because they play an important role in maintaining the back and other parts of the body. The older and heavier the child, the more powerful and developed you should be.

When to start doing sports?

It doesn’t matter if you had a natural birth or cesarean section — go see a doctor 6 weeks after giving birth. Ask if you can go in for sports with a specialist. Otherwise, you can only harm yourself if you start training too soon.

What training is possible?

The most essential workouts that you can resume right after birth are pelvis strengthening exercises. They can be performed during pregnancy as these parts experience a special load during gestation and childbirth.

To contract the pelvis, imagine that you are trying to stop the urination process — you should feel the compression and lifting of the muscles. No other body parts should move. Exercise can be performed anywhere — no one will guess.

There are two types of exercises:

1. Slow: keeping calm, deep breathing, squeeze the muscles of the pelvis and hold for as long as you can for 10 seconds, then completely relax. 

2. Fast: do the same moves as by the slow type and then quickly relax. Repeat 10 times. Relaxation is just as important as compression, so make sure you complete it.

Ideally, a complex of slow and fast exercises should be performed three to six times a day. In this case, you should not squeeze the buttocks, move your legs or lean back.

If you want to quickly get rid of your stomach, then be careful: for the first time, standard exercises for the abs can only do much harm. Therefore, try to carefully pull in the abdomen and pelvis muscles each time you are going to lift something heavy or bend over.

A magnificent cardiovascular load on the body is walking. And you can do it together with the baby. Just do not immediately start with two-hour walks at a fast pace, no jogging. The training process should be started gradually. Pilates and yoga are quite suitable for young mothers.

Following these simple rules, you will see the changes in your figure quite soon. However, don’t wait for something significant — losing weight is a long process.

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