A pet becomes part of its owner’s family. It is important to provide a suitable space for your friend’s growth and development. Healthy sleep is essential for humans and pets alike. We sleep on spring beds, memory foam, and even latex mattresses. But what about pets? 


Each animal is unique. You need to consider the animal’s breed and sleep preferences. Before buying a bed, take accurate measurements of your pet’s body to make sure the support is big enough for them to spread out.  


With a pet in the house, there is always a lot of washing to do. A bed with a removable cover is convenient enough, but waterproof properties make this product absolutely fantastic. Cats also differ from dogs in their need for a scratching place.

Different pets may be suffering from different ailments, such as arthritis. In such cases, an orthopedic bed is the only right choice. Memory foam ensures tailored soft support to any animal, just like memory foam for humans does. 

Top Choices For Dogs

1. Petlo Orthopedic Pet Sofa Bed

This model offers the same three benefits but has different shapes. Bolster beds are adored by many dogs, and this one is perfect for larger animals. 

2. ORVIS Memory Foam Deep Dish Dog Bed

This bed is also perfectly suited for large and even giant-sized breeds. The bed is massive, with high sides, and is filled with high-quality memory foam. There is plenty of padding. You can be sure your pet’s body will not be touching the hard floor. 

3. Best Friends by Sheri Deep Dish Dog Bed

This cute pet bed is best for a smaller breed. It is fuzzy and is equipped with high sides. Smaller dogs enjoy cuddling up, and they often find it hard to stay warm difficult. 

Top Choices For Cats

1. PiuPet® Cat Bed incl. Cushion 

This cozy and neat gray bed will look relevant in any interior. If you have any IKEA furniture, you will be able to fit it neatly into a Kallax and Expedit-size hole. The material is polyester felt. This means the absence of any loose threads for your cat to stick its claws onto. The comfortable feel is enhanced with a pillow. It looks like a soft cat cave.

2. PetFusion cat lounge

This is more than a bed. It is also a perfect place to scratch claws and relieves stress. The design is ergonomic, and the lounge looks both stylish and sleep-inducing. It is also an eco-friendly option produced from recycled cardboard and non-toxic glue. Your pet will finally stop damaging the furniture, and it will get healthy sleep.

3. Me & My Super Soft Doughnut Pet Bed 

It is a cozy striped beige doughnut on a non-slip base. The bed is machine washable, and the model feels exactly how it looks — uber-cozy. 

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